Recruitment of variours post in ASSAM PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION

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The   Assam    Public    Service    Commission   will    hold   the   Preliminary   Examination   of   the Combined    Competitive Examination,  2022  for screening  of candidates  for the  Main  Examination for  recruitment  to  the  services/posts   as  per  the  actual   number   of  vacancies   as  shown   below,   in accordance    with   the  Assam    Public   Services   Combined   Competitive   Examination    Rules,    1989   (as

amended  till  2022).

RFW= Reserved for Women,  PwBD=  Persons with Benchmark Disabilities,  EWS=Economically

Weaker Section

The  number of vacancies of any of the services  may be  changed if required and will be notified accordingly. 



All candidates (male/female/transgender)  are requested to carefully read Assam Public Services  Combined  Competitive  Examination  Rules,  1989,  the  Assam  Public  Service Commission Combined Competitive Examination (Amendment) Rules, 2019, Assam Public Service  Commission   Combined   Competitive   Examination   (2n   Amendment)   Rules,  2022, Assam  Public Service  Commission  Combined  Competitive  Examination  (Amendment)  Rules,

2022,  notified by the Govt.  of Assam Personnel  (A) Department available on the Commission's

website  and this advt. of Examination  is derived from these Rules. The candidates applying for the Examination should ensure that they fulfill all eligibility conditions for admission  to  the examination. Their admission to all the stages of examination will  be  purely  provisional   subject  to  satisfying  the  prescribed   eligibility  conditions.  Mere issue of e-Admission Certificate  to  the  candidate will  not imply  that his/her candidature has been finally  cleared by the Commission.  The Commission  takes up verification  of eligibility conditions  with  reference to   original  documents only  after the candidate  has  qualified  for Interview/Personality Test.



(8) The Combined  Competitive  (Main)  Examination will be held in GUWAHATI  Centre  only.

(C)  The exact  dates for Preliminary  and Main  Examination  respectively will  be notified in  due course.

The tentative date for Preliminary Examination is 26t March, 2023  (Sunday).

Main Examination is tentatively  scheduled in July/August,  2023

(D)   The  centres  and  the  date  for  holding  examination   may  however  be  changed   by  the Commission  at  its  discretion  owing  to  unforeseen exigencies.  Candidates  admitted  to  the examination will  be informed of the time-table and place or places of examination. The candidates should note that no request for change of centre will  be entertained.


A)   The  Online  Applications  can be submitted   from  12.00  Noon,  26.12.2022  to 26.01.2023
till  5.00  P.M.  after which  the link  will  be disabled.   Last  date for payment of prescribed   fee is
28.01.2023   till    5.00   P.M.   Detailed    instruction    for   submission   of   online    application   is available at Appendix  I.
8)   The   candidates   applying   for   the   examination   should   ensure   that   they   fulfill   all   the eligibility  conditions  for admission  to  the  Examination.  Their  admission  at  all  the  stages  of examination  for which  they  are  admitted   by  the  Commission  viz.  Preliminary  Examination, Main   (Written)    Examination  and  Personality  Test   (Interview)   will   be  purely   provisional, subject   to satisfaction   of  the  prescribed   eligibility  conditions.  If on  verification  at  any  time before  or  after  the  Preliminary  Examination,  Main  (written)   Examination  and   Personality Test   (Interview),  it  is   found  that  they  do  not  fulfill  any   of  the  eligibility  conditions,  their candidature   for the examination  will  be cancelled  by the Commission.
C)    While   submitting   the  Application   Form,   the  candidate   should   carefully  decide   about
his/her  choice  of  centre  for  the  Examination.  If  any  candidate   appears   at  a   centre/venue other  than  the  one  indicated   by  the  Commission  in  his/her  e-Admission  Certificate,  he/she will  not be allowed to sit in the examination. 
D)    Persons  already   in  Government  Service,  whether  in  a  permanent  or  temporary  capacity or  as work  charged  employees   other  than  casual  or  daily  rated  employees  or  those  serving under  the Public  Enterprises   are  however  required  to submit  an  undertaking that they  have informed    in   writing  to  their   Head  of  Office/Department  that   they   have   applied   for   the Examination at the time  of Interview.  Candidates should note that in case a communication  is received  from  their  employer  by  the  Commission  withholding  permission  to the  candidates applying for appearing at the examination, their applications will  be liable  to be rejected. Accordingly,  the candidatures wilI  be liable  to be cancelled.
E)    Persons with Benchmark Disabilities:-
(i)   The   Persons   with    Benchmark    Disabilities   in   the   categories    of   blindness,   locomotor disability (both  arm  affected - BA) and  cerebral  palsy  will  be provided  the facility  of scribe, if desired  by  the  person.  In  case  of  other  category  of Persons  with   Benchmark  Disabilities  as defined  under  section  2(r)  of the Rights  of Persons  with  Disabilities Act,  2016, the  facility of scribe   will    be  provided    to  such   candidates   to  the  effect  that   the  person   concerned   has physical    limitation   to  write   and  scribe   is  essential   to  write   examination  on  behalf  of  the candidate.   A  certificate   should   be  submitted  to  this  effect  from  the  Chief  Medical  Officer/ Civil   Surgeon/   Medical   Superintendent   of  a    Government   Health   Care   institution   as   per proforma   at Appendix -  II.  The  candidates  have  discretion   of opting  for his/her  own  scribe or request  the Commission for the same.  Suitable provisions  in  Online Application  have  been made   in   this   regard.   In  case  candidates   are  bringing  their. own   scribe,   they  will   have   to submit an  undertaking  (Format  provided   in  Appendix  III)   to the  Commission  by  mailing at
the  Commission's  e-mail  ID (  or  by hand/Post  within  5   days  from  the
date of issue  of e-Admission Certificate  for the C.C. (Prelim)  Examination.
(ii)   The   Commission's   scribe   as  well   as  candidate's   own   scribe   should   be   less   than   the minimum  qualification  criteria   of the  Examination.  However,  the  qualification  of the  scribe should  always  be matriculate   or above.
F)    EWS  candidates   may  refer  to  the  Govt.   OM   No.ABP.07/2019/18,   dated  Dispur,  the  30t
July  2022 regarding  format  of EWS certificate.   However,  a  sample  format  is  provided   in  the
Appendix IV.
NOTE:  The applicants are advised to submit only a  single application.  However,  if due to any unavoidable situation he/she  submits multiple applications, then the  last  application will be considered for candidature.  Therefore,  the candidates  are requested   to ensure that the entries in the last application  are correct in all respect.  The fee paid against one Application Number shall not be adjusted against any other Application Number.

Under the  Digital  India  initiative  by  Ministry  of Electronics   and  Information  Technology (MeitY),  Government  of India,  APSC  has  decided  to launch  its Online  Recruitment portal  with the help  of CSC-SPV,  a  MeitY approved  organization, which will  charge  a  processing fee of Rs.

1. As per the provision of the Assam Public Services  CCE (Amendment)  Rules,
2019 Government strives to have a workforce which reflects gender balance. Therefore,   the  women candidates  are encouraged to  apply  and shall  be exempted from application fees.
2.  Fee once paid by the candidate will not be refunded.
3.   Fees for the Main Examination will be notified in due course of time.
4.   Application   shall   be   summarily   rejected   if   the   prescribed    fee   is   not deposited.   (Please refer  instructions  for submission  of online  Application
Form at Appendix-I) 

(a)  Nationality:  The candidate  must be an Indian  citizen.
(b) Age:   The  candidate  should  not  be  less  than  21  years  and  more  than  38  years  of age  on
Relaxation:  The upper  age limit  is relaxable
(i)     By 5  years  for SC/STP /STH  candidates  i.e.  upto 43  years.
(ii)    By   3   years   for  OBC/MOBC   candidates   i.e.   upto  41   years   as  per  Govt.   Notification   No.
ABP.6/2016/9  dated Dispur  the 25\  April,  2018.
(iii)   For persons  with  Benchmark  Disabilities  (PwBD)  by 10  years  irrespective  of SC/ST /OBC and  General  Category of candidates  as per Govt.  Notification  No.  ABP 144/95/121  dated Dispur  the 28  October,  2015.
The   age   limit   of   the   candidates   will   be   calculated   on   the   basis   of   the Matriculation  /HSLC  Admit  Card/Certificate  issued  by  a  recognized  Board/Council, and no other document shall be accepted in lieu thereof for the purpose.
(c)  The  candidate   must  hold  a   Degree    from  any  of  the  Universities   incorporated   by  an  Act  of Central  or State Legislature  in  India  or other educational  institutions  established  by an Act of Parliament  or declared  to be deemed as a University  under Section  3   of the University  Grants Commission Act, 1956 or possess such qualification  as may be declared equivalent  by the Government.
(d) A candidate  should  be able  to speak  Assamese  or other official  language  or associate  official languages  of the  State or any of the  tribal  languages  of the State.
(e)  A candidate  should  be registered  in a  District  Employment  Office  of Assam.
(t)  A candidate  must be an original  inhabitant  of Assam.
(g)  Candidates   must  possess  the  above  prescribed   qualification   on  the  date  of  submission   of their  applications.
(h)  Persons   with    Benchmark    Disabilities   should   ascertain    the   post   for   which    a     particular category   of   disability   is   entitled    for   reservation    as   per   the   advertisement   and   should apply/opt   for   the   preference   accordingly    at   the   time   of  submission    of   forms   for   Main Examination.
(i)   As per  Govt.  notification   no.ABP.69/2019/17,  dated  06/11/2019  candidates  have  to  submit a declaration   regarding  "The  Small  Family  Norms"  in  Form-A  at the time  of applying for the C.C.  (Prehm)  Examination.

The Combined  Competitive  Examination   consists  of two successive  stages:• (i)            The Preliminary   Examination  (Objective  Type)
(ii)          The   Main  Examination   (Written & Interview) 
a)    The Preliminary Examination  will  consist  of two papers  of objective type  multiple  choice questions  of two  hours  duration  each.

**  This paper is of qualifying nature.
b)   The questions  will  be of objective  type with  multiple  choices. c)    This  Examination  is  meant to serve as a  screening  test only.
d)   The  marks  obtained   in  the  Preliminary  Examination   by  the  Candidates  who  are  declared
qualified   for  admission  to the  Main  Examination  will   not  be counted  for  determining  the final  order of merit.
e)   There will  be negative  marking  for incorrect  answers  as detailed  below:
(i)   There are four alternatives   for the  answers  to every  question.  One-fourth  of the total mark assigned  to one question  will  be deducted  for wrong  answer  marked  by a candidate.
(ii)  If a  candidate   marks  more  than  one  answer,  it will  be treated  as  a wrong  answer  even  if one of the given  answers  happens  to be correct.
) The   Paper   II   of   the   C.C.  (Prelim)     Examination    is   a   qualifying   paper   with    minimum qualifying marks  fixed at 33%.
g)    The  candidates  may  refer to the Assam  Public  Service  Combined  Competitive  Examination
(Amendment)  Rules,  2019  for syllabi  of General  Studies  I  & General  Studies  II. (II)  MAIN EXAMINATION:
The Main Examination  consists  of (A) Written  Examination and  (B)  Interview  Test.
(A) Written Examination:
a)    On  the  basis  of result  of the  Preliminary  Examination,  the  number  of candidates   to  be admitted  to the written  part of the Main  Examination  will  be 11 to 12  times  the  number of  vacancies   notified   for  each  category.  The  selection   will   be  strictly   on  the  basis   of merit  adhering   to  the  norms  of Vertical  and  Horizontal   Reservation   as  per  prescribed law  in force.
b)   The written  examination shall  consist  of six  papers  of conventional   essay type/objective type  with   limited   words.   Marks  obtained   in   Interview    for  personality  Test  shall   be counted  for ranking.  The written  examination  will  consist  of the following papers:
•     Details of papers for Main Examination: 
c)    A candidate  shall  be allowed  to write  his/her  answer  papers  in English  or Assamese
Ian   ua   e. 
(B)Interview Test:
On   the  basis   of  result  of  the  written   part  of  the  Main  Examination,  candidates   will   be called  for interview  in the ratio  of 1:3 against  the number  of vacancies  advertised.
The  candidates   will   be  interviewed   by  a   board  that  will   have  before  them  a  record  of his/her  career.   He/She  will   be asked  questions  on  matters  of general  interest.  The  objective  of the  interview   is  to assess  the personal  suitability   of the candidate  for a career  in  public  service by a  board  of competent and unbiased  observers.  The test is intended  to judge  the mental  caliber of a   candidate.  In  broad  terms  this  is  really  an  assessment  of not  only  his  intellectual   qualities but  also  social  traits  and  his  interest  in  current  affairs.  Some  of the  qualities   to  be judged   are mental    alertness,    critical    powers    of   assimilation,   clear   and   logical    exposition,    balance    of judgment,   variety   and  depth  of  interest,  ability   for  social  cohesion  and  leadership,   intellectual and moral  integrity.
The  technique  of the  interview   is  not  that  of a strict  cross-examination  but  of a  natural,
though  directed  and  purposive   conversation  which  is  intended  to reveal  the mental  qualities  of the candidate.
The   interview    test  is   not   intended   to   be  a   test    either   of  the  specialized    or   general knowledge    of  the   candidates   which   has   been   already   tested   through   their   written    papers. Candidates  are expected  to have  taken an  intelligent interest  not only  in  their  special  subjects  of academic  study but also in the events which  are happening  around  them  both within  and outside their  own  State  or  Country  as  well   as  in  modern   currents  of  thought  and  in  new  discoveries which  should  rouse the curiosity  of well  educated youth.
The  interview,   however,  will   not  have  any  qualifying  marks.   The  marks   scored  at  the
interview  will  be added to the marks  scored in the Written  Examination   (Main).
The  Commission  shall  recommend   exactly  the  same  number   of candidates   for  different posts as notified.  The Commission  shall  not recommend  a  candidate  for a  post which  he/she  has not opted for.
Marks thus  obtained  by  the candidates  in  the Main  Examination   (Written  Part as well  as Interview)   would   determine   their   final   ranking.   Candidates   shall   be  allotted   to  the  various services  keeping  in view  of their  ranks  in the examination and  (respective)   preference  expressed by them  for different  posts  (i.e. on the basis of Merit cum  Preference opted by the candidates  in their applications  for the Main Examination)  and reservations  therein.
(a)  e-Admission   Certificate  indicating   the  eligible  candidate's  Roll  no., venue  and  programme   of the Examination   will  be uploaded  in the Commission's  website.
(b)   The  mere  fact  that  a  certificate   of  admission   has  been  issued  will   not  imply   that  his/her candidature    has   been   finally    cleared   by   the   Commission.    Candidates    may    note   that   the Commission   takes  up  the  verification    of  eligibility  conditions   only   after  the  candidates   have qualified  for the Main  Examination.
(c)  Candidates  must  produce  a   photo  identity  proof  of any  of the  following   in  the  examination hall:
(i)  Pan Card.
(ii)  Driving Licence. (iii)  Voters ID card. (iv)  Passport.
(v)   ID  Card  issued  by the educational  Institution  where  he/she  is studying  presently. (vi)  ID  card issued by Government  or public  sector undertaking.
(vii)  Bank Passbook containing  photograph. 
(d)  The  Commission  reserves  the right  to cancel  the candidature   of any  candidate  as and  when any ineligibility condition  is detected. If any information   declared  by the candidate  is found  to be false at any  stage, the candidate  will  be penalized  as per prevailing law/rules.
(e)  The decision  of the Commission  as  to the  eligibility or otherwise   of a candidate  for admission
to  the examination  shall  be final.

Sd/• Secretary
Assam  Public  Service  Commission
Jawaharnagar,  Khanapara,  Guwahati-22

Copy forwarded to:•
l.   All the Hon'ble Members, APSC  for information.
2.     All  Deputy  Commissioners  for information.
3.     The    Director,    Printing    and    Stationeries    Deptt.,    Assam    Govt.    Press,   Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-21  for immediate   publication  in  the  next two  issues  of Assam  Gazette.  Two  (2) printed  copies  of the advertisement may kindly  be sent to this office for record.
4.     The  Director  of Information  and  Public  Relation,  Assam,  Last gate, Dispur,  Guwahati-6.  He is  requested  to take steps  for publication  of the advertisement  in  one issue  of each  of the established    daily   newspaper    -  one   English    (preferably    The   Assam   Tribune)    and   one Assamese  published   from  Guwahati  and one established  daily  newspaper   published   from Upper  Assam  and  another  established   daily  newspaper   published   from  Barak  Valley  for wide   publicity.   He   is  also   requested   to  instruct   the  Advt.   Manager   of  the  newspaper concerned    to   send   a    copy   of   each   newspaper    publishing   the   advertisement   to   the undersigned  at their own  expenses.
5.     The  Director  of Employment  and  Craftsmen  Training,  Assam,  Rehabari,  Guwahati-8   to
circulate  copy of the advertisement for publicity  at District  level.
6.    The Principal  Controller  of Examination,  APSC  for information  and  necessary  action.
7.     All Sub- Divisional  Officers  (Civil)  for information.
8.    The PS to the  Hon'ble Chairman,  APSC  for kind  apprisal  of Hon'ble  Chairman,  APSC.
9.    The PS to the Principal  Secretary  to the Government  of Assam,  Personnel  (A)  Deptt.
Dispur,  Guwahati-6  for information  and necessary  action.
10. The PS to the Principal  Secretary  to the Government  of Assam,  Home & Political  Deptt.
Dispur,  Guwahati-6  for information   and necessary  action.
11. The PS to the Principal  Secretary,  Karbi- Anglong
District  Council,  Diphu
12. The  PS to  the Principal  Secretary,  N .C.Hills  Autonomous           for giving  publicity in their  respective
Council,  Haflong.                                                                                                       districts.
13. The  PS to the Principal  Secretary,  BTAD,  Kokrajhar
14.  The  PS to the   Principal  Secretary,  Mishing  Autonomous
Council,  Gogamukh,  Dhemaji.
15.  Programmer,  APSC  for uploading  in the website.
16.  Order  File.
Necessary instructions  regarding submission of Online Applications

1)    Applicants  are  required  to  apply on line  through  APSC's  recruitment  portal
No other means/mode  of application  will  be accepted.
2)    Applicants  have to   register   themselves   in  the   APSC's  recruitment  portal with  a  valid  email-ID  and Mobile No.  and complete the   profile creation   process by  submitting all relevant  details  along with  supporting  documents.  After profile creation   is complete, apply  for CCE by clicking  on Applicant  Section=>  Apply Section link  in  the Dashboard.
3)    Already  registered  aspirants  may directly login   into  the system  and apply for CCE  by  clicking  on
Applicant Section=>  Apply Section  link  in the  Dashboard.
4)    Applicants  are  advised to  read  all   the  eligibility   criteria and other   relevant  details carefully  before submitting online Application  Form.  Mandatory  fields in  the  online form are  marked with  * (asterisk) s1gn.
5)    Candidates  must submit the details of documents  like Certificate No.,  Issue date, Issuing  authority  etc.
and upload  documents/certificates   (whenever  asked  for)  in  support  of the  claims  made by  them like, Date  of Birth, Experience, Qualification(s)  etc.  or any other information,  in  pdffile  in  such a  way that the file size  does not exceed  2 MB  and is  legible when printout is taken.  Blurred  documents will  not be  accepted. Documents  uploaded  will  be  verified in  later  stages.
6)     Applicant  should carefully fill  all   the  information  as asked for in  the  Application  Form  and click  on
the declaration   checkbox to enable   the  'Preview' button before final  submission.
7)    After   previewing the  details as   filled   in   by   the   applicant,  he/she can either click   'Submit'   for final submission or click  'Cancel'  button  for necessary  corrections  before final  submission.
8)     On completion of form submission, applicant has  to  pay application fee along with processing fee as applicable.
9)     Fees  once paid shall   not  be  refunded   under  any circumstance nor can the  fees be  held in  reserve   for
any other examination   or selection.
10)  On successful  submission  of  Application  Form  along with  successful   payment, an  auto-generated   e•
mail and SMS will  be  sent  to  candidates  registered e-mail   id  and Phone No.
11)  In  case the  payment status  is  pending, applicant should click  on  the  button 'Validate  Payment'  after
15-30  minutes  to verify  the payment  status.
12)  Application  without  prescribed fee amount will  not be  accepted.
13) The   applicants    are   advised   to    submit    only   a   single   application.   However,   if   due   to   any unavoidable  situation he/she submits multiple applications, then the last application  will be considered  for candidature.  Therefore,  the candidates are  requested  to ensure  that the entries  in the last application  are correct  in  all  respect.  The fee paid  against  one Application  Number  shall not be adjusted against any other Application  Number.
14)  For any payment  related issues,  one can reach  the following helpdesk numbers -
a.   GRAS   Helpline   (Telephonic): 1800-212-11-88-66   (From  10:00   AM   to   6:00  PM  on  all   working days)
b. GRAS  Helpdesk-/helpdeskl
Click  'Submit a ticket' Click  'Payment Related'
Fill-in  your payment related  details. Click  'Submit  ticket'
c.  Bank -  For  any bank  related  issue we suggest  applicants to contact  their  respective  bank branches.
15)    For any other  issues  related  to online application contact  the following a) Email:  cceapsc
b) Contact No:  0361-2363117  or 1800-572-23-43  (From  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM  on  all working days) 

Certificate  regarding  physical limitation  in an examinee   to write
This  is  to  certify  that,  I   have examined  Mr./Ms./Mrs (name  of the candidate    with     benchmark      disability),    a      person     with     (nature     and percentage        of        disability        as        mentioned         in        the        certificate         of        disability), S/o/D/0                                                    a              resident               of   (Village/Town/City),    (District), (State),   Pin  Code                            and to  state that he/she  has physical  limitation  which  hampers  his/her  writing  capabilities   owing to his/her  disability.

Chief  Medical  Officer/Civil  Surgeon/
Medical  Superintendent of a  Government Health  Care Institution.

Note:      Certificate  should  be given by a specialist  of the relevant  stream/disability  (eg.
Visual  Impairment  - Ophthalmologist,  Locomotor  disability  - Orthopaedic specialist/PMR). 
Letter of Undertaking for Using Own Scribe
(To be filled by the candidates with benchmark disabilities)

1a candidate      wit(name        of      the          disability)
appearinfor   th(Name of   the examination)   bearing   Roll    No 
at.. (name     of   the    centre)    in    the    District                                        ,.
I     do  hereby  state  that     (Name  of the  scribe)  will  provide  the service  of scribe  for the  undersigned  for taking  the  aforesaid   examination.

I     do  hereby  undertake  that  his  qualification  is In  case,  subsequently it  is found  that  his/her  qualification  is  not  as declared   by the  undersigned  and  is  beyond   or same   as the minimum  qualification  required  for this  examination,  I       shall  forfeit   my  right  to  the  post  and  claims thereto.

Government of Assam
(Name   & Address   of the  authority  issuing  the  Certificate)
Educational  Institutes  and  posts   under  Govt.  of Assam)

Note  1:  Income  covered  all  sources  i.e.  salary,  agriculture,   business,  profession,   etc.
**Note  2: The  term  'Family'  for this  purpose  includes  the  person,  who  seeks  benefit  of  reservation,  his/her  parents  and siblings  below  the  age  of  18  years  as also  his/  her spouse  and  children  below  the  age  of  18  years.
***Note  3: The  property  held  by 'Family'  in  different  locations  or different  places/  cities  have  been  clubbed  while  applying the  land  or property  holding  test to  determine   EWS  status.

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