Recruitment of variours post in GOVT. MEDICAL COLLEGE, AURANGABAD.

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1.   GR.MED/1096/2118/CR-10/96/Edu……Dated 31/10/1996.

2.   Gr.No.MED-1012/Letter No 150/Education-2……Dated 29-3-2014

3.   Gr.No.MED-1017/Letter No 455/217/Education-2…….Dated 12-06-2018

4.   Gr.No.MED-WPM1011/M.No.352/11/  Education-2…….Dated 04-04-2012

SUB: Filling up the Junior Resident-1 (temporary service  resident).

Applications   are   invited   from  MBBS   Graduates   who   have   registered   with   MMC/MCI for  junior resident-1(JR-1 Service residents) temporary appointments at Govt. Medical College &Hospital, Aurangabad for 6 months.

Application forms  will be  available   at  Academic  Section,  Govt. of Medical  College, Aurangabad  on payment  of  Rs.500/-.Forms  will  be  available   during  office  hours  from  28-03-2022  to  31-03-2022 between 11.00 to 5.00 PM.

Contact  Person:  Mr. Nilesh  Teli, Junior  Clerk  & Mr. Raju  Katole, Junior  Clerk, academic Section



✓   A   candidate   who   has   completed   the   compulsory   rotatory   Internship   programandacquired   an

MBBSqualification is eligible.

✓   Candidate  must  have  permanent  registration  of MMC /MCI  with  the  recent  renewal  as  may  be applicable.

RULES & SELECTION PROCESS (before filling application forms read rules carefully):

1.    Selected candidates will be appointedtemporarilyfor 6 months only.

2.    Selection criteria will be merit-based  on the final MBBS (total) after considering  the attempt.

3.    For each  attempt in Final MBBS,  5-marks  will be deducted from the total while preparing the


4.    Postgraduate students can  also  apply  for UG bond services  if remaining, the criteria of merit will be  a  total  of MBBS  marks.No  preference  will be  given  to  PG  candidates  over  MBBS candidates.

5.    All  candidates  who  are  BONDED  should   submit  an  undertaking  in  the  prescribed format mentioning the details of bond  service.  Without Undertaking, no candidate will be considered    for   the   selection    process    as    a   bonded    candidate   and   if   applied    without Undertaking  such  candidates  will be  treated  as  non-bonded.  This  rule  is  only  for  Govt. Medical  College Candidates.

6.    Selection of candidates in the interview as  per rules thereof will be:

•    Preference  will be given to “Bonded  undergraduate candidates”.

Preference   for selection  will  be  given  first to  Bondedundergraduate  candidates from GMC Aurangabad. 

•    If seats  remain  vacant,  then  they  will be filled by Bonded  candidatesfromother  Govt.

Medical Collegesof  Maharashtra.

If seats remain  vacantit will be allotted to non-Bonded  candidates from Govt. Medical Colleges  of Maharashtra, followed by private medicalcollege candidates of Maharashtraaffiliated to MUHS-Nashik, followed by deemed  university Candidates of Maharashtra, followed by  other state Candidates, followed by candidates who have done MBBS from outside INDIA.

In  case   of  equal   marks   or  tie   filter  will  bea   total   of  Major  III  MBBS  marks   after calculating  attempts, followed by age  for preparing the merit list.

7.   OnlyOne  ProvisionalMerit /  Selection list will be  displayed  on the Govt. Medical College, Aurangabad college 

8.   Age  Criteria : 38 Years  as  on the date of interview.

9.    The  candidates  will have  to  pay  Rs. 10,000/-  (Ten Thousand  Only)  as  refundable  deposit before  joining.  The  deposit  will be  refunded  ONLYif  the  candidate  has  taken  an  order but has  not joined the department OR  submits a One-month prior resignation notice.

10. Candidates  who have  Not Joined/Left  after Joining/Resigned will NOT be eligible  for any

JR-1  post  appointments  for a  period of a  minimum  of 6 months  prospectively  even  if seats are remaining  vacant.

11. Once   the  schedule    of  selection   and   joining   is   over,  the  merit   list  /selection  listwill  be dissolved.

12. If the  seats  remain vacant  because of Not-joining  status  after  the  selection  process  is over, all such  vacant  seats  will be filled as  per the requirement  of the concerned  departments  with the recommendation of HOD. Please note, while filling such  vacancies, the applicants of this advertisement who have been given an appointment and have Not Joined/Left after Joining/Resigned…will NOT  be considered for such  vacant seats.

13. Candidates  will be required to produce all original certificates/Holding  certificates (applicable

only  for Bonded  Govt. College  Candidates, such  should  bring self-attested Xerox  copies  of documents)  for verification at the time of interview and joining.

14. Private practice of any kind is not permitted during the period of appointment.

15. Disciplinary  action  will be  taken if the concerned  department HOD/  In-charge  reports about absenteeism/  irregularity in  the  duties/any  other  complaint  as   may   be.  The   candidate  is liable for termination without prior notice and the deposit will NOT be refunded.

16. The  Candidates  who are presently  working as  JR-1  (service  resident) in any  department  as

per prior JR-1  appointments  and his/her bonded services  is remaining  should  note that; they are not entitled to be continued in the same  department even  though they are trained or got experience   in  a  particular  department.  All  further  selection/appointments  will be  based   on the merit list. No recommendations /experience will be considered  for selection.

17. The  selected   Candidates  will have  to  work 24x7  towards  patient  care  and  other services

provided   by   the   departments.   The   JR-1   appointed   will  compulsorily   handle   the   HMIS systems  in departments /OPD/Wards for entering patient details in all modules/ lab investigations/Discharge   summary/   Indents   from  the   wards,   etc.   such   works  should   be 

undertaken  in  association  with  on-duty  doctors/nursing  staff/Technicians,  etc.  Candidates will be imparted  training  for using  HMIS  systems  after joining.  If the  Candidates  are missing the allotted duties without initiation, He/She  will be terminated without notice.

18. Candidate  should  carefully  verify the  submitted  information in the  application  form.  In case

of wrong/false  information submitted by the Candidate/ if the office receives  any  objections from  other  applicants,  the  submitted  application   is   liable   for  rejection  and   after  inquiry, he/she will be facing legal  consequences also.  The Candidate is required to submit the application  form in-person  (Candidate  /anybody  on behalf  of Candidate).  No application  will be considered  if received  via post or email.

19. Incomplete  application,  overwriting/certificates  not self-attested/wrong  information  related  to

Bond  services   for Govt.  College  Candidates,  etc.will  be  rejected  without  any  notice  to  the students. No correspondence will be replied to in this regard.

20. Any   sort   of  canvassing  directly  or  indirectly   will  be   treated   as   disqualification   and   the

candidature of such  candidate shall  be rejected at any stage.

21. All   applicants    to   note   that   irrespective   of   the   departments   of   appointments    if requiredthe  Dean  GMC  Aurangabad may  depute  for  Casualty  duties, emergencyservices,   additionalduties   in   OPD,    wards,   other   departments,   college works   as   per   requirements.   Candidates   not   following   deputation  orders   will  be terminated without any notice.

22. Kindly note Hostel facilities/accommodation is not available  for this post.

23. The decision  of the Dean shall  be final and binding in case  of any  issue  or dispute related to the process  of appointment.

24. Dean       Govt.      Medical       College,       Aurangabad      reserves       the      right      to      do amendments/changes  in  advertisements  &  may  also   withdraw/cancel  the advertisement.

Self-attested  photocopies  of  Certificates  to be  attached  along  with the application form

Put   marks  for  documents  submitted&  NA   for  not  applicable   in  the  application form:

Govt. Medical College

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